How to use Pinterest to gather your brand inspirations

Pinterest is a rich source of inspiration and the perfect place for us to collaborate on ideas, but I do get a lot of questions about HOW exactly to approach this exercise.

Even though we're au fait with using it for wedding planning, kitchen refurbs and nursery styling it seems that less of us use it for our brands. If we're working together, it's the first place I'll send you.

These are the tips that I share with my clients on how to get those creative juices flowing!

Create a secret board

Create a board but make it secret so that you can pin with WILD ABANDON. If we’re working together then I’ll ask that you add me so I can see how you’re getting on - my Pinterest handle is @freshleafcreative

Start to pin

AT FIRST I’d encourage you to start to pin anything and everything that you’re drawn to - Don’t hold back!

Trust your gut on this. You may not know what it is about the image that you’re attracted to, but when we look at the board at a high level there will be several very distinct themes running through your Pins that I will help identify and articulate.

If you’re stuck with where to start, good things to search for are colour palettes, fonts, logos, textures and shapes.

If you know that you love Teal, start generally with 'teal colour palettes'. But once you get into the flow you can get much more specific - think ‘tropic brights’ versus ‘muted desert tones’ - both will give very different results.

Explore Pins further

When you find something you particularly like, click into the Pin itself and scroll down – you’ll see that Pinterest has selected lots of other images that are similar to your chosen Pin. It’s a brilliant feature and really helps to focus your inspirations.

Once you’ve exhausted everything in there you can back up and start again.

Rinse and repeat.

You versus your brand

It’s ok to separate the two. This can be tricky for many of us in the service business, where we ARE the brand.

If you’re struggling to with this division, you may find it useful to create two boards – one for your brand and one for your PERSONAL brand (this will help if you have a photography shoot lined up with me)

When to stop

When you look at your overarching board, it should excite and inspire you.

Ask yourself if it is a good reflection of what you want to encapsulate in your brand or is something missing?

How many Pins are enough? This will differ for everyone. If you have great clarity over your brand inspirations then you might be able to nail it with 30, but I find that most clients tend to pin at least 75 inspirations.

It’s worth mentioning that some pins may now look out of place when you look at everything together – especially the ones at the beginning of your journey. Leave them there so we can have the discussion - it's useful to see how your thinking evolved as you pinned.

The brand discovery meeting

All of this leads to the first stage in my brand process, which is to meet with you to talk through all of the gorgeousness on your board!

I LOVE this part.

Together we’ll unpick what it is about the images that you’re drawn to and identify your common themes. This is always best over coffee at an inspiring location but can be done remotely if distance doesn’t allow.

If you’re interested in kick starting your brand this year then why not have a look around my website to find out more about what I do or drop me an email to

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