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Photographer, Brand Designer & Wix Website Designer | Dorset Branding Studio

Hey, I'm Lucy.
I'll encourage you step into AUTHENTICITY by aligning your brand and website with WHAT you stand for, and WHO you really are. 

Lucy Down | Designer & Photographer | Owner at Fresh Leaf Creative Brand & Web Studio Dorset


Image by Olena Bohovyk


Empowering Women Who are Building Better
To SHINE in their Gifts 

My mission is to help 40+ purpose-led female founders unlock their personal power and amplify their influence with an authentic online presence that resonates with their heartfelt mission. So that they can call in more soul-aligned clients and build a business that makes a real difference to themselves, their people and the world.

Lucy Down | Designer & Photographer | Owner at Fresh Leaf Creative Brand & Website Design Studio Dorset

I'm Lucy, a nature-loving creative & recovering corporate bod.

I spent 20 years feeling broken and under-utilised in work that didn't light me up. 


I'd followed the well-trodden path through education, a corporate career, and motherhood until I arrived at 40 to find myself wondering "who am I?" and "what am I here for?".


I’d ticked many of the boxes in terms of ‘success’, but purpose and fulfilment were foreign. I was desperate for more meaning.

At 40, a restructure allowed me to explore a different path. It felt like a massive leap of faith, but intuition told me to take a risk on my own business, and so I did. It was my fresh start.

Now I support other female founders who are tied of scratching around on the surface. Those who refuse to settle for sleepwalking, and instead choose to step up and into their gifts to create more impact in the world. 

I believe that when we shine from a place of purpose and passion, we raise the vibration. And right now, we're all being asked to step into more of who we are.

Our business is the vehicle for delivering on our purpose. 
It lights me up to play a part in helping others to step into more of who they came here to be.

My Values


Creating a sense of harmony and alignment in my projects, life and business.


Creating brands and websites that feel like a celebration of your uniqueness and inner world.


Creating the step change needed to help you move boldly into the next chapter of your journey.


Trusting in the flow of life and syncronicities and knowing that everything is conspiring for us.


Behind the scenes

I'm a brand and website designer and photographer based in Dorset. Home is with my family and cats in Purbeck, having swapped the bustle of Surrey for a more grounded life on the Jurassic Coast.

Like many 40+ women, I've been on a journey of discovering, accepting, and loving who I am, and this plays through my business on a daily basis. 

I love being immersed in nature, cold water dipping, swimming, pilates, expansive podcasts and connecting with likeminded people. I'm nuts about Astrology & Human Design too - I'm a 4/6 Generator (Vessel of Love).

I believe every day is an opportunity for new beginnings and when you trust in yourself and the journey and move in that direction, the people and opportunities that are destined for you, come.

For that reason, you're probably meant to be reading these very words right now? Serendipity is beautiful.

If you feel an affinity with any part of my story, I'd love to connect. I’d be honoured to be part of your world. 

Purpose Led Wix Website Design Studio Dorset | Empowering Heart-led Women to Dial Up Their Light
Lucy Down | Heart-Led Designer & Photographer Championing Purposeful Brands & Websites
Testimonial for Fresh Leaf Creative | Brand Soul Studio

"Lucy is truly a master of her craft"

I could not be more delighted with the outcomes of my work with Lucy, she truly is a master of her craft. The biggest benefit for me of working with Lucy is that she offers the full package - brand photography, brand development and website design. The brand that Lucy has helped me to develop is a true reflection of me and it shines through everything with a consistent and beautiful look and feel.


Photography, Brand & Website Design Studio for Purpose-Led Female Business Owners. Fresh Leaf Creative Dorset

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.


Your brand's fullest potential awaits,
let's unlock it together.

Is it time to imagine your website and brand for the next exciting chapter in your story? 

I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Consider me your partner in authentic expression.


Let's transform your brand into something magical.

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