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Your online home in alignment with your heart mission, vision and values

It’s time we started to think differently about websites.

Don’t just build a half-hearted, surface deep website.

Build an immersive portal into your world that feels



Call in your dream clients by blending strategy, story, soul and substance to connect and wrap your arms around your people.

Purpose Led Wix Website Design Studio Dorset | Empowering Heart-led Women to Dial Up Their Light

What more could be possible in your business with a soulful, connecting  website in your corner?
Let's create an immersive world that stands for something.

Brand Designer and Wix Website Designer | Owner at Fresh Lead Creative | Brand Soul Studio Dorset
Dorset Wix Website Designer

2028 Aspirations,
2018 Website..?

I'm calling time on the website blues - you deserve an energetically aligned website that supports your business aspiration. One that ignites your passion and inspires you to strive for more.


Your website shouldn't be a source of frustration and embarrassment, or a blocker to your growth and expansion.

It should be a powerful catalyst for growth - opening doors, making your mark, positioning you as a trusted guide. This is what we co-create together.


Think websites with substance that balance strategy, style, story, to ensure that your business reaches, and then touches, the hearts and minds of your ideal audience. 

Dorset Wix Website Designer


YOUR values, YOUR way of doing things and YOUR perspective are what makes your business unique. When your website authenticallly radiates this, you become more magnetic to your dream clients.


Why choose me as your website designer?

In the sea of same, a professional website is not enough to stand out.

We're searching for MORE; Brands that know themselves and their audience, stand for something and can communicate it. I want you to be one of those brands.

You don't have to shout to be heard, but you do have to know yourself.

I co-create Wix websites that are rooted in purpose, strategy and soul...a space for you to wrap your arms around your people and let them feel seen, heard and understood.

With a purpose-driven website in your corner, you don’t have to shout to get your message across. Your website becomes the beating heart and soul at the centre of your eco-system, and a beacon of light for your dream clients.

Lucy Down | Brand Designer and Wix Website Designer | Owner at Fresh Lead Creative | Brand Soul Studio Dorset

What I stand for


Co-creating closely to channel your ideas into form, ensuring that you'll love the results. 


Celebrating your uniqueness by creating a pure, natural, authentic expression of YOU.


Balancing style and substance to create a website that's beautiful as well as functional.


Loving on your people and taking them on a journey that resonates with them.

Female Wix Website Designer & Brand Strategist Dorset


Considered websites for heart-led businesses who value deeper connections and are activating their next level

Packages & Prices


"A positive, empowering & collaborative process"

Building a website with Lucy has been such a positive, empowering & collaborative process.  I would highly recommend the experience if you get the chance to work with her.  She was able to hear & interpret the vision for my health coaching business' branding seamlessly.


Is it time for a website that's going to open doors on your next level potential ..?

Let’s see if we’re a good creative match.

I’d love to invite you to a no strings attached chemistry call.

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