Wix Website design services for wellness brands and female-led businesses

In a world where people customer expectations are higher than ever, it's important to make the best possible impression as quickly as possible. Online, this means having a beautiful, well-functioning website that talks directly to your target customer. 

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Wix web design packages

Wix Dorset Website Designer_Fresh Leaf Creative

As a small business owner, there is so much we need to invest in and lots of competition for a share of our wallet. Maybe you want to outsource your website build to a designer, or perhaps you want to tackle it yourself.

We're all at different stages in our business so I have something for everyone, no matter where you are on your journey.

Wix Website Design
South West, Hampshire & Dorset Wix Website Designer | Dorset Wixpert

This is for you if you're ready to take your business online and want to outsource the design, build and SEO optimisation to an expert.

Website Review & SEO
South West, Hampshire & Dorset Wix Website Designer | Dorset Wixpert

If you've built your own website in Wix but want an expert to add the finishing touches. I can help finesse your design and add that all important SEO.

Guided Website Build
South West, Hampshire & Dorset Wix Website Designer | Dorset Wixpert

Need to get online but want to build a website yourself in Wix? My guided course in Wix website design is the perfect partner to hand-hold you through the process.


Is your WiX website struggling to connect & convert leads?

Apply for an impartial website review for some free guidance on how to improve your website!

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Wix Dorset Website Designer_Fresh Leaf Creative
Dorset Wix Website Designer | Wix Partner Fresh Leaf Creative
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✔️ Get help to nail your DIY website build first time

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Need to work on your brand before you get started on your website?

No problem! As a photographer and designer I can help with the end to end process. Working with one branding studio means I can fully support you in bringing your brand to life across all touch points.


Find out more about my photography and branding services. 

Dorset Wix Website Specialist, Brand Designer & Photographer | Fresh Leaf Creative


"Lucy is a once in a lifetime find. She was fundamental to getting my business ready for launch and was so encouraging and supportive all the way through the process. We worked together on developing branding, building my website and a personal brand photo shoot too.

Lucy made it all feel effortless, even though I know behind the scenes she was doing all the hard work. I loved her ethics, values and that she is clearly doing work she has a passion for. I’ll certainly work with her again and gladly recommend her"

Sadie, This Curious Life