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THE NOOK | Co-working community for heart-led female founders and business owners


For Purpose-led Female Founders.

Working for yourself can feel lonely, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Sharing space with like-minded people who get your passion for building a business that creates positive change is one of the best ways to stay motivated and connected to your cause!
We weren't supposed to walk this path don't :)

THE NOOK | Co-working community for heart-led female founders and business owners

There is space for you here

No matter your niche or where you are in your business journey, you can join us for relaxed fortnightly co-working over Zoom

We are a welcoming collective of heart-led business owners who gather to connect and work every two weeks. You're free to drop in whenever you feel called, but we hope you'll become a regular face in our corner of the world.


✓ Working alongside other like-minded business owners in a structured way, making it easy to stay focused and motivated.

✓ Having gentle opportunities to network and make connections, without compromising on your to-do list. 

✓ Feeling supported and part of something, even though you’re a one-person band. 

✓ Sharing space with other founders, but without any of the pressure to be 'on show'.

✓ Having opportunities to learn, grow and skill-share with your kind of people!

All the details

When is it?

Fortnightly on Thursdays at 10am/2pm (alternating rota).

Focused working starts at:

10:15am and 11:15am

2:15pm and 3:15pm

Join us for the whole thing or drop in when you can!

How does it work?

For 15 minutes at the start, we set intentions and open up the room to share them, as well as any wins or challenges, then head into quiet time for 45 minutes.


We reconvene on the hour and rinse and repeat for the second half.

What else to know?

There's absolutely no pressure to speak up if you don't feel like it, nor for your camera to be on during the focused sprints.

If you join during silent mode, that's okay too! We'll say hello to you during the next break. 



Drop your details below to sign up for the Zoom link and more information.

Lucy  &  Jess  x

Your Co-Working Hosts

Lucy Down | Designer & Photographer | Owner at Fresh Leaf Creative Brand & Web Studio Dorset

Lucy Down - Brand & Website Designer 

Hi, I’m Lucy, designer and photographer at Fresh Leaf Creative. I help purpose-led business owners shine in their gifts and move boldly towards their big vision. 
My business is a homecoming after being lost in the corporate world for 20 years. I'm on a journey of truly knowing myself and peeling back the layers of conditioning. 
I'm fanatical about authentic expression and exploring the energetics of branding and marketing to create ease and flow.
I live in Dorset and I love being immersed in nature, cold water dipping, swimming, pilates, expansive podcasts and connecting with likeminded people. I'm nuts about Human Design too - I'm a 4/6 Generator (Vessel of Love).

Jess Sutton - Ethical Copywriter

I’m Jess, copywriter and founder of Grounded Copy Co. I help service businesses, coaches, and nature-loving boost sales with website and launch copy grounded in their values and voice. 
I’m a complete nature nut and would spend my life hiking from a log cabin around pine-tree-covered mountains in Canada if I could. 
Instead, I do big walks in the English countryside and spend hours planning my future vegetable garden.
But don't ask me to talk about sustainability and the climate – I'll go on for far too long.
I secretly love gaming, tarot, and the witchy side of life too.

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