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HD Human Design Chart Readings for female business owners England | Fresh Leaf Creative


Uncover your Human Design energetic blueprint and unlock your greater purpose. Step into alignment and build your brand and market your business from the inside-out.

Human Design Readings UK | Fresh Leaf Creative

What is human design?

Human Design is a system which brings together elements of Western astrology, the Chakra system, The I Ching, Kabbalah, and quantum physics.


For simplicity, you can think of it as a cross between Myers-Briggs and astrology.

It provides us with an energetic blueprint and a roadmap for how to live in alignment with our true selves.


Your body graph chart is unique to you as it is based on your exact time, date, and place of birth.

We're all unique, yes.

But Human Design shows us exactly HOW we are unique, so that we can finally show up in life and business in a way that is authentic and true for us.

It's time to stop the guesswork and to lean into your gifts.

Why Human Design?

I've always been in awe of the mystery and majesty of The Universe.


Since childhood I've looked for the deeper purpose and 'meaning of life'. Why are we here? At this time? In this specific body?


In finding Human Design, I feel like I finally have the keys to understanding these questions. I have found a deep sense of comfort from knowing WHO I AM.


An acceptance of myself, and of the people around me.

In business we're making up the rules as we go and it can be hard to know how to navigate the waters.


But by understanding your Human Design, you're in a beautiful position to be able to lean into your gifts and strengths.... create a life and business from the INSIDE-OUT.

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When you understand yourself deeply, and start to live in alignment with your human design, you begin to unlock a flow and ease in your your relationships...and in your business.

Human Design Brand & Marketing Coaching for Business Owners 

Curious about how Human Design could be practically applied to your brand, messaging, offers and marketing? 


Join me to explore a more aligned way of marketing and discover how to channel more of your uniqueness into your business so you can unlock your magnetism.


Register your interest today.

Human Design Readings UK | Fresh Leaf Creative

Prefer an individual reading instead..?

Book a personal Human Design chart reading

2 hours - £222

Discovering your HD chart can a beautiful and life changing milestone for many of us, and I believe it's important you find the RIGHT person to unpack your chart.


I'd consider it an honour to be that person and I'd like to welcome you contact me to arrange a short call to get to know one another to see if we'd be a good match.


And for those of you wondering, I'm a 4/6 emotional Generator (Vessel of Love) - here to spread the joy.

121 Reading

"I'd been thinking of having my Human Design chart read for a while, and so when the Universe lead me to Lucy it felt like the right time. I can honestly say it was incredible. The whole experience spoke directly to me and resonated on so many levels, giving me confirmation where I needed it in my work and in life. 


Lucy is highly perceptive and intuitive. She gently guided me through the many facets of my chart with easy to understand slides, and explained everything on a deep level, not rushing anything and allowing enough time to discuss the fine details before moving on.


If you're thinking of having a reading done, I can't recommend Lucy highly enough. She's incredibly knowledgeable and will help you to get clear on how you can be your most productive and fulfilled in business. She'll guide you where you might be feeling stuck, and inspire you to follow your purpose based on the details of your chart. 


Such an enlightening experience and I enjoyed every minute of it"

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