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Are you tired of a website you can't update? Is your website enabling or hindering your business

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Is your website enabling or hindering your business and why my clients don't want Wordpress | Wix Website Design England

I'm a Wix designer, and over the last couple of years I've noticed that this triggers some people.

I've been at networking events and been made to feel bad about my choice of platform builder, mainly by other designers convinced that Wordpress is the only solution.

At first I'd take on this energy and feel pretty crap, I but then I started to realise that there might be something else at play.

(I'm not debating here that Wordpress is an incredibly powerful and advanced solution - because it is - but it's not the right option for everyone)

Why Wordpress designers don't like platform builders

Ask a London black cab driver what they think about Uber...and I'm pretty sure you're not going to get an unbiased and glowing review. As with taxis, so with websites...

If you solicit advice from Wordpress designers about which website platform to choose for your build, the majority won't have good things to say about template builders. And this advice can carry a lot of influence over you, coming as it does from an industry expert.

Why might this be?

Website template builders like Wix and Squarespace are handing the power back to the end user.

Anything that disrupts industry norms is going to ruffle feathers.

With business owners taking back control of their websites, monthly retainers for designers are no longer necessary. This is going to be bruising for a lot of people who have been used to this type of business structure.

So when seeking advice about where to build your website, just be aware that there may be other things at play which have nothing to do with matching you with the right platform.

The main reason I use Wix? My clients are telling me it's what they want.

Your website should support you in doing what you love - running your business - rather than hindering you and creating an industry of work and overwhelm.

My clients don't want Wordpress.

My clients want a robust, beautiful website that doesn’t scare the living hell out of them every time they need to make an update (believe me, you can have it all).

They don’t want to live in fear of tech or plugins expiring.

They don't want to be tied to a designer any longer.

They want the freedom to be able to respond in their business

If (like me) you're a Generator, then you need to be in RESPONSE in your business.

Just lately I've been thinking more about how grateful I am for the flexibility that comes with Wix, because I've used Wordpress in the past and it wasn't always this easy.

As a Human Design Generator, response is my strategy, so a website platform that allows me to evolve my messaging, content and offerings in response to external cues is really important for me. And I need to be able to do this in a timely manner once my authority gives me the green light to go.

If like 70% of the population you're a Generator or Manifesting Generator, then having a website that you're empowered to update will be vital.

Are you tired of a website you can't update?

Thankfully we no longer have to endure clunky old websites that don't allow us to pivot and respond in our businesses, and we don't have to feel tied to designer and be at the mercy of their schedule. There is a lighter, more expansive option.

Maybe it's time to reimagine your website and what might be possible.

Are you ready to explore different options?

Just as Wordpress is not right for everyone, neither is Wix. There are lots of options and it's important to find the best fit for you - for where you are now but also for where you want to be in the future.

My door is always open and if you'd like to pick my brains on any of this, simply head on over to my contact form.

If you'd like to consider Wix and would appreciate a supportive female-first approach to your build, head on over to read more about my Wix website design services. You can also download my free guide to see if Wix will be a good fit for you.

I'm a brand designer, photographer and Wix website specialist based in Dorset

About Lucy:

I'm a brand designer, photographer and Wix website designer based in Dorset. I help female business owners and career changers build their brand and online presence through photography and web, brand & human design, so that they can turn their passions into the business they dream of.

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