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How to use content repurposing to super charge your marketing efforts

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

How to use content repurposing to super charge your marketing efforts | Fresh Leaf Creative | Wix website designer, brand designer & photographer Dorset England

Hands up who wants to become an Instagram content creator for a living?

I'm guessing that as a female founder building a business around your passions, you probably DON'T want to spend all of your time creating content for Instagram.

Instagram is an amazing platform for growing your business and building a community (which is where it's strengths lie).

But if you're spending all of your time creating posts and writing captions, there's no time to do the things that will help to grow your business via Insta the most: namely engaging with other accounts, replying to comments and generally being an active member of the community.

This goes for other platforms too, but I'm using Insta as my example as it's my preferred platform and has been pivotal in terms of growing my business over the years.

Instagram content creation (by this I mean creating your posts and captions) should be as efficient as possible so that it doesn't take you away from your engagement strategy.

Enter content repurposing...your new secret weapon.

What is content repurposing?

It's not, as it sounds, just about digging out an old post that's done well and posting it again (although that may be part of it).

In its simplest form, content repurposing is all about creating one long-form article or asset such as a blog post, newsletter or podcast, and then repurposing it for other platforms.

Content repurposing is one of the best ways to create efficiency in your social media posts.

So this very blog post that you are currently reading can live out its true destiny to become:

> One blog post

> One newsletter

> One Linked In post with link to article

> One Facebook post with link to article

> One Pinterest post with link to article

> 2 - 4 Instagram/Facebook posts and stories - achieved by chunking up this article into separate posts.

This blog post has therefore created up to 9 pieces of content for your brand. Win win!

Yes, there is a bit more work upfront, but content repurposing is a strategic approach which will pay dividends by speeding up your marketing and positioning you as an expert in your field.

The added benefits to your brand of content repurposing (this is the REALLY good stuff).

Aside from saving masses of time on Insta, the added benefit of content repurposing is that you are building your own marketing real estate:

  1. You're growing your native content and driving traffic to your website.

  2. You're nurturing your email list to create a flow of warm leads.

  3. You're improving your SEO by keeping your website fresh and engaging.

  4. You can be strategic in your marketing and warm people up to your offers.

  5. You're no longer creating content just for Instagram.

  6. You're creating intentional content that's intended to speak directly to your target audience by addressing their problems, concerns and struggles.

What's not to love?!

But wait, there's can reduce your reliance on social media which is a good thing.

It makes sense to be on social media but we don't want to be completely at the mercy of the algorithms.

We're not in control of Instagram or Facebook so it's much better to create your own native content and then use social media platforms to get eyes on that content, rather than the other way around.

You're building your castle on your own land so to speak.

Getting some help in this area.

I hope you've taken something useful from this post and if this has inspired you to experiment with content repurposing in your business then I'd love to hear! Content repurposing plays a significant part in my conscious marketing experiment where I am learning to market my business in a more aligned way and with more ease and grace.

If this sounds like a great approach that you could get behind, you can sign up to hear more about forthcoming workshops where we'll be covering among other things:

  • How to set up your Wix blog

  • How to identify topics for your blog

  • How to optimise blog posts for SEO

  • How to style graphics for your Instagram feed

  • How to write your captions

I'm a brand designer, photographer and Wix website specialist based in Dorset

About Lucy:

I'm a brand designer, photographer and Wix website designer based in Dorset. I help female business owners and career changers build their brand and online presence through photography and web, brand & human design, so that they can turn their passions into the business they dream of.

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