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How having a media kit protects your time and energy & how to use it with your Human Design type

How having a media kit protects your time and energy & how to use it with your Human Design type

Media kit, services brochure, pricing it what you want...there's there's no denying that this is an amazing weapon in your tool kit for converting leads into paying clients.

If you don't have one, you may be wasting time or missing out on sales.

What is a media kit?

This is a brochure (digital or physical) that showcases your services and explains how you work, who you work with and what you charge.

What to do with your services guide based on your Human Design type?

For Human Design Generators who's strategy is to RESPOND and for Projectors who are WAITING FOR AN INVITATION, a service guide is the ideal next step when an enquiry lands in your inbox. It allows you to react to the external cue that is asking for a response.

If you're a Manifestor then your strategy is to INFORM & INITIATE, so you don't have to wait for something external to respond to. You are here to lead the charge and can be more proactive with your services guide and actively email it out to potential clients that you'd love to work with, in fact you should actively do it because other people (like me!) are waiting for something to respond to.

My own kit receives lots of positive feedback and has been instrumental in driving my business forwards, so I thought I'd share some wisdom about why it's such a great tool for service based businesses.

How can your services guide help to protect your time and energy?

* It pre-qualifies your clients

People find you in various ways - word of mouth, social media, organic search to name a few. You won't be the right fit for everyone (nor should you aspire to be), so how do you figure out whether someone is a good match?

Your media kit weeds out clients that are not the right fit BEFORE you've invested lots of time. No more email tennis.

Your time is the most precious asset you have in your business, and you have to protect it.

* It makes you stand out from the competition

Your potential client has probably fired off multiple emails - to you but also to many of your competitors.

A beautiful services brochure will ensure your business stands out in their sea of responses.

First impressions count, and your services guide will help make your mark.

* It allows you to respond quickly

Because your client will have emailed other people just like you, it's important to respond in a timely way.

Having an email ready PDF that you can send along with a personal note allows you to respond quickly so that your client knows they are important to you from the word go.

* It avoids awkward conversations about money

If you're like me and you don't love conversations or bargaining about how much your services cost / are worth, you'll fall in love with your media kit.

You can set out clearly what your offer is and how much it costs (without jumping in to justify it).

Plus your potential client will be able to digest this in her own time.

* It demonstrates your value

Your services brochure allows you to demonstrate exactly why your prices are what they are so that your client cab see the value in what you can bring - ie. what transformation you deliver.

This is about showcasing the very best of you.

* It sets expectations around what it's like to work with you

You can clearly lay out your process so your clients understand what it's like to work with you. They can decide if you're right for them from the start.

* It builds trust

Potential clients land with you at different stages in their customer journey.

Some may have been engaging with you or quietly watching for some time (warm leads) whilst others may have just found you on Google and fired off an email (cold leads).

Either way, you can ensure that the very first thing they see, aside from a well crafted email that sparks their excitement, is a gorgeous services brochure that showcases your brand.

If you've spent time and care making your media kit look professional, they'll feel that you are a safe pair of hands.

* It feels more personal

Sending a beautiful PDF to your client so that they can mull over your offer will feel personal and more exclusive, because not everyone has access to that information.

Directing your client to a website page may be efficient...but not as special.

* It provides pricing flexibility

For me, this is not a huge consideration since my prices are the same for everyone, but if I were providing services to businesses of different sizes I would want the ability to flex prices (I would not want to charge the same to a large LTD as to a sole trader).

A services brochure allows you to do this effectively and serves as a record of what you've quoted when it's time to send an invoice.

* You can showcase your business as you want people to see it

Your media kit plays an important role in ensuring future clients see everything you would wish for them to see before they commit to working with you.

Your website should do much of this work, but even if you have great website navigation, you're still at the mercy of people clicking off of your 'grand tour' at any point.

* It builds excitement

At the end of reading your media kit, you want them to be excited and inspired to take the next steps with you so there will hopefully be a reply in your inbox very soon.

Remember that some people will sit with the info for quite some time before replying, so don't be disheartened if you don't get a strong yes/ no response immediately.

A gentle follow up is always good when the time feels right.

So there you go, these are my top reasons why creating an effective media kit should be on your list this year.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on how to create your own services guide.

If you'd like to explore your own Human Design and understand what this means for your business and marketing, you can book an introductory chart reading with me.

Or if you'd like to work with me on building your business from the inside-out, head on over to learn more about my services.

Lucy Fresh Leaf Creative | Build your brand from the inside out | Brand Photographer, Brand & Wix Website Designer and Human Design Chart Reader Dorset England

About Lucy:

I'm a brand designer, photographer and Wix website specialist based in Dorset. I help female business owners and career changers build their brand and online presence through photography and web, brand & human design, so that they can turn their passions into the business they dream of.

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