What I've learnt from stepping in front of the camera

In general, I’d say that women are over self-critical. Couple that with the fact that we’re used to seeing a lot of poorly-lit, badly-composed images of ourselves (that don’t reflect what everyone else sees on a daily basis) and it’s a wonder that anyone ever builds up the courage to step in front of the camera at all…

When a few of my photographer friends suggested a shoot swap, I was well up for it. Not only did I need piccies of myself, but I also wanted to see how it feels to be in my client’s shoes!

I like to think I'm empathetic and in tune with how people are feeling and I can usually sense if someone is uncomfortable even before it registers on their face (so I know when to step in with prompts, direction or chitter chatter to help people relax), but being behind the camera, I could never COMPLETELY understand how it felt to be on the other side of the lens…

So here’s what I discovered from my two sessions in front of the camera!

Everyone has hang-ups about their appearance but they’re bigger in your head than in reality

I have my fair old share just like everyone else - my nose, teeth and neck have been particular bug bears over the years!

But you know what, it’s me! And it’s about time we were all a little kinder to ourselves.

And you know what else? A good branding photographer will subconsciously be aware of the things you’re self-conscious about and can pick their angles well to show you at your best.

It’s a confidence boost

Knowing our hang-ups are not as bad as we fear is a huge confidence boost.

I’ve had clients phone me in tears after viewing their images - they had been so nervous about seeing themselves and hadn’t expected to LOVE them! In fact, they’d convinced themselves that they’d never be able to like (let alone love) a photo with them in it. When you love your images it’s a huge confidence boost, and it’s one of the reasons I love what I do so much because it helps to shift those self-perceptions which can become warped over the years

It’s not vain or self absorbed

If you’re anything like me, stepping in front of the camera for my business was the first time since getting married. But it’s no longer only big life events such as getting married or having a family that justify bringing in the pros, nor is it a a vanity project to want great images of yourself. In fact you DESERVE to show yourself and your business in the most professional light that you can and, more importantly, your customers will be EXPECTING just that.

It’s empowering

As soon as I’d done it once, I really wanted to do it again!

It does feel a little weird at first to be in front of the camera getting pap’d, but it doesn’t take as long to relax as I thought it would and it’s nice to get out there and do something so positive for your business. Now I feel excited that I have a selection of images of me to share on my feed and on my website.

It’s important to find the right person to capture you

Luckily, both of my shoots were with people I felt at ease with which meant I was relaxed. But I do think this is a crucial element to consider when finding the right photographer - you do need to get on and have a good rapport. It’s one of the reasons I will always try to met my clients face-to-face in advance of our session.

It helps to plan

Having an idea of the kind of shots that you’d find most useful means that you can utilise the time with your brand photographer most effectively and be rewarded with lots of content to drip feed over the year. Collaborating with your photographer on Pinterest before the shoot will mean you find the perfect location and styling for your brand.

I hope that's been helpful

If you're on the scout for someone to capture your own brand in a light and airy way then I could be the girl for you and I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to learn more about working with me or fill out my contact form and I'll be in touch

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