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A Pilates Photoshoot {Surrey Brand Photographer}

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

London & Surrey Pilates Brand Photographer | Pilates photoshoot in Cobham Surrey with pilates instructor Marina | Pilates Photography Surrey
Pilates Brand Photographer | A Pilates Photoshoot With Marina

Marina is a Pilates instructor who contacted me earlier in the year regarding a photoshoot for her brand. A little different to my usual shoots because the main motivation was to have a series of images of celebrating flexibility and core strength.

As Marina put it... "you never know when you may suffer an injury so I want a record of my pilates whilst I am at my best"

I'd first met Marina whilst photographing for Cobham Pilates, so I knew the space and lighting well. Marina wanted to capture a variety of pilates poses using the equipment such as the Cadillac and Reformer as well as mat work. Luckily Marina had prepared a list in advance so we ticked off as we went to ensure we got everything.

On this shoot it was really important to me to ensure that when I was shooting square onto the scene (to the Cadillac for example) that my lines were straight, which lead to a workout for my core as well as Marina's!

I left completely in awe of Marina's amazing core strength - she made the pilates moves look effortless and was very happy to repeat poses for me if I felt I needed another chance at a shot.

Natural hair and make up on the day ensured Marina was looking and feeling her best

If you're a yoga, fitness or pilates instructor on the look out for a personal brand photographer then I'd be delighted to hear from you. Let's have a chat about how I can support your business to shine!

Feel free to have a look around my website, complete my contact form - I look forward to hearing from you

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