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Having the confidence to build or start a business for yourself in uncertain times

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Building or starting a business for yourself in uncertain times | Branding and website workshops to position your business in the best place over the coming months

Autumn. Season of new beginnings - a fresh new term and some much needed routine. But it also feels a bit ominous this year, doesn’t it? Against the economic, political and environmental backdrop.

I still have the same joy for the season, but with the end of the Summer comes so much uncertainty for how the next few months will pan out.

It’s ok to be human and feel it, we're not robots

So many business owners and freelancers I’ve spoken with have said that this year has been the hardest emotionally and financially since Covid, and I’d agree with that sentiment.

Our reserves were never fully replenished following Covid so it's easy to understand if your tank (energetically, emotionally or financially) could do with a pit stop.

I’m sure within months we’ll be sharing tips on batch cooking, thermal layers, 'cooking once and eating twice' and arranging co-working at local hubs to save on heating...and of course our communities, as we did with Covid, will come together to help those most in need.

But until then it feels as if the unknown is looming. Which might make you feel a bit nervous about how your business will fair on these uncharted waters!

If you're starting your business from scratch in uncertain times.

If you're getting cold feet about your venture, it's easy to understand why.

But for those setting up your business anew, know that there is no ideal time. our ducks will never be perfectly aligned, and whilst it might sound exciting to quit the day job and go all-in to follow your dreams, building your business while you're still working the day job is actually a brilliant way to do it.

Apart from anything it allows you to test the waters on your idea with a safety net in place and you'll have the funds to invest in your branding foundations. It's what I did when I left John Lewis and set up my business 4 years ago.

If you're up and running in your business and looking to build your online presence

If you're looking to build out your online presence to get more eyes on your business, then now is the time to get your social media and website in as good a place as it can be. People need to see you multiple times before they form an association and reach out to work with you, so there can be a 2-3 month lag between your activity and when people actually contact you - so start sooner rather than later.

I want to help you navigate the waters...

Website and branding workshops to get you primed for whatever is coming

I've been thinking how I can help you to be in a better position for whatever is coming our way over the next year. And obviously my thoughts turned to boosting your online presence via your website, blog, socials and email list.

So I will be offering a series of workshops to help boost your online presence so that you can better weather whatever the world is going to throw at us.

  • Knowing the pitfalls to avoid when setting up your website for the first time

  • Getting started with creating a visual style for Instagram

  • Nailing your message so you know what to say to your audience

  • Adding a blog and knowing what to write about

  • Creating a lead magnet and setting up your email nurture sequence

  • Understanding how to use Canva / Wix / Mailerlite to grow your brand

  • Improving your search engine optimisation

  • Optimising your Google Business Profile

  • And lots more...

So I need your help! Please share your thoughts...

What do you struggle with in terms of your online presence?

I value your opinion and want to make these sessions as useful as possible, so I would absolutely love to hear what's on your mind - what do you struggle with in terms of your brand? What do you wish you could nail? What feels harder than it maybe should?

This could be related to your brand visuals, marketing strategy, website, social media or overarching messaging (or something else completely).

Please share your thoughts by spending a few minutes to fill out my questionnaire. I will be so eternally grateful to you and you will be directly shaping the development of the workshops whilst helping so many others at the same time.

Collaboration opportunities

I would love to bring in other experts from my network to cover topics such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Linked In, where I have less experience. And also to touch upon topics such as self care and wellbeing (your business is a reflection of what is going on inside you, after all!)

If you're an expert that feels called to share some knowledge with a group of likeminded women about any aspect of running a business and looking after yourself, then please get in touch to explore a future collaboration.

I want to keep these workshops small and intimate to deliver as much value as possible and also give you the chance to network with some fellow female founders (I am not excluding anyone who identifies otherwise, but we will be channelling lots of feminine energy so please be down with that)

How to find out about upcoming branding and website workshops

In the first instance, please sign up for my email list to hear about dates. Just hit the button below when you're ready, but not before you've given me your thoughts above! :)

Have a beautiful day,


Lucy Fresh Leaf Creative | Build your brand from the inside out | Brand Photographer, Brand & Wix Website Designer and Human Design Chart Reader Dorset England

About Lucy:

I'm a brand designer, photographer and Wix website specialist based in Dorset. I help female business owners and career changers build their brand and online presence through photography and web, brand & human design, so that they can turn their passions into the business they dream of.

Sign up to my email list to join my inner circle and for help on creating impact in your brand.

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