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If you are a small business, coach, blogger, creative or maker where YOU are the figurehead of your brand, then you'll understand that bringing your personality into your business can be a game changer in terms of driving your business forward.

People want to see the person behind the brand.

They want to understand your 'WHY' and to share in your journey...and luckily I can help to tell your story and sprinkle your online presence with personality :)

Showcase the variety

Showing your face to the world is a great start, but depending on the nature of your business, you may be very active on social media and benefit from more seasonal updates - this may be to simply refresh your photography for new collections you are releasing. Or maybe to show your brand through Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter so that your social content is always fresh & relevant for your followers.

As a business owner you will also wear many different hats on a daily basis as you go about your work. and have lots of different aspects to your personal & family life that you may wish to bring to the fore.

Because of this, some of my personal branding clients like to work with me 2-3 times a year to update their brand photography so that their social feeds and website are kept fresh with beautiful imagery that is sympathetic to their brand.

Consistency & support

I love working with clients with whom I can create a long term relationship - I don't need to tell you that consistency in photography is really important for your brand look & feel and you can treat me as an extension of your team to draw upon as and when you need.

Just imagine how much time you would save in content creation by having a plentiful supply of images at your fingertips

If you haven't yet captured your unique brand story and would like some more information about my services and how I can help your business then you might like to read more about my personal brand photography. . Alternatively if you're ready to talk then feel free to get in touch, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

I offer personal brand photography sessions across Surrey, Dorset & SW London. Locations that are farther afield are possible but will incur travel expenses.

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