Some of my favourite locations for personal brand photoshoots

Wondering where your personal branding photoshoot should take place? It doesn't need to be complicated - sometimes the most simple locations work the best!

These are some of my go-to locations when planning my personal branding shoots with my clients

Your workspace

Whether you are a coach, artist, blogger or creative, there will be somewhere that you get your best work done.

This may be a coaching room, your treatment room, your kitchen, your office (or dining room table) or your studio space. So long as the area has good natural light, I'll be keen to capture some photographs of you in your natural environment.

If the area is dark or not 'insta-worthy', then fear not!! We'll think creatively about locations to come up with a solution :)

Here you can see the talented Jo from Toasted Crumpet at work at her dining room table on new artwork for a card range...

A local coffee shop

Often the place where client meetings and catch ups take place - coffee shops are perfect for personal branding shoots because they give a lovely relaxed feel to the images. Coffee shops are also my favourite place to capture 'remote working' images. It's always necessary to ask permission in advance when you are shooting in public places so there are no surprises on the day of the shoot. I also like shooting in restaurants, which invariably don't open until lunchtime service so there will be less people milling around (a good option if you're feeling a little camera shy)

Most businesses will be more than happy to support their local brands and photographers in allowing us to shoot with them, and just ask to be tagged in the resulting images on social media. Happy days!

Here's Vicci of Victoria Albury Health Coaching meeting with a client at Garsons cafe restaurant in Esher

And this is me, working from Bonjour cafe in Poundbury in half term...

The great outdoors

Nothing more needs to be said - the great outdoors offers so much variety in terms of stunning, seasonal backdrops that we'll be spoilt for choice.

We'll talk about the style of images you're after in order to find the best outdoor location for your personal branding photoshoot. The photos below are of Louise of Soulfully Coaching who wanted some images of out of doors since she often works in the fresh air.

Think differently

Don't worry if you're stuck for ideas of somewhere suitable to shoot, as I can help unpick your inspirations. Sometimes we need to think differently to get the shots you need - such as below where we shot in Turner & Foye Kitchen showroom to create the illusion of a kitchen environment.

If you're still stuck, I even offer a location scouting service!

I hope this has given you some food for thought

If you're interested in having your own personal brand photoshoot then you might want to take a look at my portfolio or find out more about my personal branding services

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