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Photographer, Brand & Wix Website Designer for Purpose-Led Female Business Owners. Fresh Leaf Creative Brand Studio Dorset
Brand Soul Studio



Brand & website foundations for 40+ women who are activating their personal power  & authentic expression

A Dorset-based full-service brand studio providing an end-to-end experience to create an aligned brand presence for your next chapter. Personally handholding clients from inspiration to creation.

Photographer, Brand & Wix Website Designer | Fresh Leaf Creative Brand Soul Studio Dorset

Is it time to step into more of who you are?
To claim your space and create an online presence that feels MORE LIKE YOU?

You've had many identities in your lifetime, but this one - as a business owner channelling passion into purpose - feels different. It feels like soul work.

When it's time to take action towards your PURPOSEFUL VISION, you need a brand and website that FITS. One that builds trust and affinity with the right people. 


This isn't a pretty on the surface transformation. It runs deeper than that. It's been a journey to get here and this is part of your personal evolution...your metamorphosis.

I work with heart-led women who are obsessed with making a difference in the world and who want an aligned identity that they're proud of; coaches, consultants and creatives who are empowering others whilst building a business that supports their own dreams.

Let's co-create brand foundations that are an energetic match for YOU - for your mission, your vision and your values - so that you can show up in the right way, attract your dream clients and create larger ripples in the world. 

Photographer, Brand & Wix Website Designer | Fresh Leaf Creative Brand Soul Studio Dorset


In a noisy digital world, emotional connection is the key to standing out and building a thriving business.

And aligning your brand with who you truly are is the first step in creating a radiant brand that touches the hearts of your dream clients. 


Hi, I'm Lucy. I provide brand transformations for those who are dialling up their light.

I believe that knowing yourself and doing work that makes a difference and lights you up is the pathway to a brighter future. I spent 20 years neglecting my strengths and suppressing my light in a corporate career, disconnected from any idea of purpose.


Now I'm dedicated to helping heart-led business owners to shine in their gifts and make a meaningful mark on the world.

You deserve a brand that inspires you to step boldly towards your vision for a thriving business that makes a positive impact.


I create branding foundations to close the gap on your 5-year vision; providing a seamless experience for evolving your brand, website and visual identity.

Lucy Down | Designer & Photographer | Owner at Fresh Leaf Creative Brand & Web Studio Dorset

Why work with me?

An End-to-End Brand Solution

One home for all branding needs means everything comes together seamlessly.

Hand-Holding Throughout

A harmonious creative partnership to channel your inspirations into form.

Fusing Strategy & Style

Blending strategy & substance with meaningful narratives & aesthetics.


Fancy exploring your brand through the lens of your Astrological / HD blueprint?

Photography, Brand & Website Design Studio for Purpose-Led Female Business Owners. Fresh Leaf Creative Dorset

Brand Services to Elevate

Step into next-chapter potential and call your people closer with a brand and website that's it's an authentic embodiment of your values, vision and heart mission. Let people see and feel who you are.

Brand Design

Tailor-made visual brand identity design that intuitively feels like you and empowers you show up with confidence.

Website Design

Channel your unique brand essence into an authentic online home that's an energetic match for you and your clients. 

Brand Photography

Elevate your personal impact with light and airy brand photography that perfectly reflects your style and personality.

Human Design

Understand your signature brand frequency, messaging and style of influence to craft your marketing from the inside-out.

Photography, Brand & Website Design Studio for Heart-Led Female Business Owners. Fresh Leaf Creative Dorset

Let's dial up your light. Book a free 30 minute chemistry call

Choosing a designer and photographer to support you is a big deal - it's a creative partnership and it has to feel aligned.

For this reason, I'd love to invite you to a free, no-strings-attached Zoom call to get to know one another.


Navigating the evolution of your brand?

A gentle invitation to join my corner of the world where I will share with you how to ground your brand gracefully and harmoniously.

Testimonial for Fresh Leaf Creative | Brand Soul Studio

"I instantly felt drawn to Lucy,
and definitely made the right choice"

 I would really recommend working with Lucy on your branding, website or photography - she is brilliant at all of them.

But to have her working on all three was amazing! It gave a wonderful continuity to the process and I am thrilled with the results. I really can’t recommend her enough!


How to get started


Get in Touch

Complete my contact form or book a chemistry call. Let's check we're a good match for one another. 


Brand Exploration

Stillness comes before action. We'll take time to fully explore your brand to ground our collaboration in strategy.


Creative Collaboration

However we are working together, we'll translate your inspirations into authentic expression.


If you're at the threshold of something huge, then it's time to prime your business and brand for the next chapter.

Let’s give your online presence an energetic level-up.

Create a brand and website that’s aligned with your future aspiration so that it supports you in where you’re going.

Photography, Brand & Website Design Studio for Heart-Led Female Business Owners. Fresh Leaf Creative Dorset

Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be. Don't think you've lost time. It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now.

And now is right on time.


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