How to choose the right personal brand photographer for you

Personal brand photography is gaining rapid popularity at the moment, so you won't have any shortage of photographers to choose from.

I thought I'd share a few tips with you on things to think about when narrowing down your choice.

Start with your brand

Before you even start looking, you should consider first and foremost the LOOK & FEEL OF YOUR BRAND. This is the most important thing you can do for yourself. I work with my clients on brand discovery before we even start to talk about locations, clothes and accessories. I'd encourage you to create a Pinterest board to hone your brand style before finding someone who suits that style, I'll be writing about that soon.


Start on Google to research your options and narrow down your choices. I'd also recommend heading on over to Instagram to get a quick visual look at a photographers personal branding portfolio. Googling 'branding photographer' and 'personal brand photographer' will bring back lots of leads.

Consider photographic style

We all use the exact same equipment and lenses, but shooting and editing style is a very personal thing so the results vary hugely from photographer to photographer.

I myself favour a light, bright and airy style (you can take a look at my personal brand portfolio here, whereas others may edit to create a dark and atmospheric feel.

It's important to consider which style will complement the look and feel of your brand best.

Get to know your photographer before your shoot

It's really important to chat with your photographer before the shoot for many reasons - to ensure you are a good fit, to share ideas and inspirations for the images and to discuss set-ups and locations.

The right photographer will take time to understand your brand and vision rather than apply a one size fits all approach to a shoot.

Wherever possible, I will ask for this chat to take place over a relaxed cuppa to start those creative juices flowing and get to know one another better!

Trust your gut

You should feel comfortable with your photographer and confident that they are qualified to do the best possible job for you.

You might not feel overjoyed at the prospect of having your photograph taken so make sure that you speak to your brand photographer about any reservations you may have in advance. They should quickly be able to put your mind at rest and allay any fears.

I promise you that even the most camera shy of my clients has really enjoyed our session together! I myself am not great in front of the camera...but I faced my fears just recently and it was a great experience.

If you're feeling nervous about the prospect, I'd love to chat

Here's one just to prove I did it! :)

Lucy from Fresh Leaf Creative | Personal Brand Photographer & Brand Designer

There are lots of amazing photographers in Surrey and beyond who can capture your brand beautifully, many of whom I know personally - you know who you are ladies and you ROCK! So good luck with your search.

If you're considering a personal branding shoot and think we could be a good fit for one another, I'd love to hear from you. You can message me at or complete my contact form

You can also look at my portfolio or find out more about my personal branding services here

I cover Surrey and SW London and areas within a 40 minute drive of Cobham (I will travel farther afield but greater distances will incur a travel charge)

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