Hampshire & Dorset Commercial & Brand Photographer | Hampshire & Dorset Personal Branding Photography by Fresh Leaf Creative


I help female business owners sprinkle magic, sparkle and a big dose of personality over their businesses.

Fresh Leaf Creative is a Dorset-based photography and design studio creating light-filled personal brand photography for wellness brands, creatives, coaches, artists, consultants and bloggers.

If you've been looking for a sign from the Universe, then this is it!

My lovely, it's your time to step up and become more visible in your business.

What could a library of on-brand photography do for your business? 

Could you be empowered to become the face of your brand with beautiful lifestyle imagery showing who you are and what you do?


So many female business owners struggle to grow their business with impersonal stock images or that same old headshot that keeps doing the rounds (you know the one). Imagine for a moment what having a library of brand photography at your fingertips could do for your website, social media and business growth.

As a brand designer as well as a photographer, my aim is to create a set of photographs that perfectly reflects your brand essence - this means diving deep on your brand and choosing shoot locations, props and styling with your aesthetic in mind.

Brand photography portfolio

Are you searching for a Dorset personal brand photographer who will instinctively 'get' your brand vibe and help you to translate your vision from idea to reality?  If so you're in the right place.